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19: Homeschooling Q&A Part 2 - Answering YOUR Questions!

We are continuing our conversation from last week and will be answering more of your questions regarding homeschooling in this episode. Whether you are currently homeschooling and want a peek into how others are homeschooling or you are curious about homeschooling or considering it for your family, this episode is for you!

To listen to the first Homeschool Q&A Episode: CLICK HERE

Questions we answer in this episode:
How to carve out time for household chores while homeschooling?
At what age would you start tracing and learning to write letters?
What curriculum do you use?
Do you finish all your curriculum every year?
Balance between having school time and having free-play when the outside is calling?
How to stay on track and keep records of work and progress?
If not following a curriculum, should I follow state standards?
How do you teach a second language?
Where do you find your curriculums?
Did you ever fear your kids only being as smart as you are?
Subjects for kindergarten? Science and Social Studies?

Curriculum Links:
The Good and the Beautiful
A Gentle Feast
Sabbath Mood
F.O.R.M. Health and Wellness (Use code DEVOTED for 15% off)
Talkbox.Mom (Use code DEVOTED20 for $20 off your first Talkbox and Book Bundle)

Miscellaneous Links:
Forcing Preschoolers To Write Too Young Is Pointless
Talkbox.Mom YouTube Review

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