We live in an ever changing world. With social media vying for our attention, with our newsfeeds refreshing faster than we can read, with our eyes, hearts and minds being inundated with the “latest and greatest,” with technology advancing faster than we can keep up, with people and society letting us down… with all this “shifting sand”… we have the privilege of standing firm on the Rock.

We don’t need to be “unstable in all [our] ways” and “tossed about” by every new fad and idea that comes our way. We can choose to be grounded, planted like a tree by a river of water. We can flourish, produce fruit, grow!

We can be Daringly Devoted!

Devoted to God.
Devoted to family.
Devoted to the fellowship of believers.

We can be truth seekers in the midst of the chaos. We can be a calm in the storm of life. We can be a cultivator of hearts. We can devote our lives to raising children who are devoted!

Our children will one day “rise up and call [us] blessed.” Not because we made the best meals, not because we played with them, not because we kept the house immaculate, not because we did community service regularly, not because we read great books to them, but because we were DEVOTED to Christ and to them.

I don’t know about you, but this is the desire of my heart. I want to be “found faithful” as the Apostle Paul puts it. I want the Lord to greet me some day and say, “You have run the race well, dear child. You didn’t turn to the right hand or the left. You were devoted to me and raised your family in such a way that brought me glory. Well done, good and faithful servant… 

You were a devoted mother.

How we are devoted will be different to every woman, family and culture. God made us all unique, with unique gifts and talents. We all have different personalities, different desires, different abilities. But we ALL are made in the image of our Creator. Each gift and talent is a reflection of His beauty and creativity. Every good characteristic of our lives is a reflection of the attributes and awesomeness of God. What my lief looks like will not look like yours… and that is the beauty of motherhood. We are all pieces of the puzzle that makes up the similitude of God.

We can be Daringly Devoted when we accept that we don’t need to look like the mother-next-door provided we are all surrendered to the will of God in our lives. when we devote our hearts to HIS purpose and plans for us, we will be devoted in the little things as well… and that includes being uniquely and wonderfully different!

My heart is fickle. I cannot be a devoted mother without the outpouring of grace from a Heavenly Father that wants to see us succeed. Will you join me in devoting our hearts and lives to Christ, to praying without ceasing, to living out a faithful and…

Devoted Motherhood?